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In our process of manufacturing, we do not use chemical washes and steaming that destroy naturally occurring benefits in coco coir. Our final products are super washed with clean fresh water to bring very low level of salts and EC. Once coco coir meets our strict standards and analytical requirements, it is dried, compressed and packaged. We make sure to offer the highest quality coconut coir growing medium substrates in the market. 

Coir properties: 

  • Fresh water processed 
  • Super washed 
  • Stable pH: 5.7 – 6.2 
  • EC: 0.3-0.9 (1:1.5 v / v) 
  • Moisture content: 10-15% 
  • Compression ratio: 5:1 
  • Explosive root formation 
  • coir peat holds water like a sponge 
  • Excellent drainage 
  • High cation exchange capacity (CEC) 


  • Is superior alternative to peat moss 
  • Has a more favorable pH than Peat Moss 
  • Has greater water/air holding capacity 
  • Holds many times its weight in water 
  • Is perfect as a soil-less growing medium or a excellent soil conditioner 
  • Is made from pure coir pith 
  • Will not compact 
  • Offers explosive root formation 
  • Is great for seeds and cuttings