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Coco pith Chips / Coir Chips


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Coco chips are made by cutting coconut husk into cube-shaped pieces. They are highly recommended for the germination of high-value cash crops. Most orchid and cut-flower growers are using coco husk chips as an advanced alternative to bark based growing medium. Coco chips are also used as a mulching agent as well as a soil conditioner. Our coir chips are used as mulching material in gardens. It is a natural and renewable substitute for pine bark. A garden where coir is applied doesn’t only look beautiful but on top of that is better for plants and trees because of its property to retain high amounts of water and to release it there where necessary. Debarking and unnecessary cutting of trees belong to the past.

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Cocopith produces 3 different grades of coir husk chips. The various coco chips sizes provide an excellent means of balancing air to water ration for different applications.

Coco chips are popular among anthurium and orchid growers. They are also ideal for mulching coco chips to greatly increase the air porosity in soil.

Available in 4.2kg

Breakout volume: 15 liters per kg (approx.).

Size: 30 x 30 x 15 cm

Cut into: ½” to 1” size

Size : 4 – 16 mm

Moisture: 18%

Grade: Flexible and adaptive to customer need

EC: Adjustable


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