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Coir / Coco Pith Grow bags

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Grow bags have become a popular choice for multipurpose growing medium for vegetables, fruits & flowers. Our grow bags are 100% natural. Grow bags are made up of a special blend of coir pith and chips, designed to provide the ideal air to water ratio for hydroponics. Our strict quality control regime ensures that only the best coir products reach our customers.
Grow bags are packed in high density, co-extruded plastic bags, which are UV treated at least a minimum of 2 years. Another advantage is that they are easy to transport before re-hydration and can be stocked for months as they are compressed dry.

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General (Coir Pith Grow Bag)


Growing medium/Potting soil for commercial farming


Hydroponics, Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture, Green House




100 x 15 x 3 cms


< 15% (Max 15%)


6-8 times (Max)


Properties – Chemical


0.50-1.00 ms/cm


5.5 – 6.5


Packing & Shipping


Hydraulically Compressed Blocks,
Palletized: Blocks assembled in pallet and stretch wrapped,
Non-palletized: Alternative packing options available as per customer requirement

Block Weight

2.5 Kg (+/- 3%)

Container Loadability(Palletized)

350 Bags/Pallet, 20 Pallet/40 ft. HQ Container (18 MT). Packaging can be customized

Container Loadability(Non-Palletised)

Alternative packing options available as per customer requirement


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