Process of Coco Pith:

Coconut peat/Coir fibre piths / coir peat dust is a natural pith extracted from the husk of coconut and peat moss is widely used in potting mix. It withholds a high percentage of water, just like a sponge. 

Our Easy Coco pith is a pre nourished mix of coir fine dust, standard washed, coarse and fibrous material that is compressed into coir pith blocks. It is used mainly in growing vegetables, farming, landscaping, farming applications, etc. Due to its high moisture retention capacity, coir pith is ideal for growing organic vegetables, seedlings, flowerings plants like anthuriums, and orchids. Coco peat Brick is one of our primary retail product, we have Many Potential Household Customers in Chennai. 

Coco pith Brick: 

Coco pith brick is a product that is a substitute for the ordinary soil for the purpose of gardening and horticulture. Coco pith brick is made to absorb water and gain its volume and become perfect for the growth of plants. 

This coco pith brick is used in the field of horticulture and other agricultural use. It can also be used for gardening at homes and terraces. 

Manufacturing of Coco peat: 

Our sophisticated manufacturing facilities and our desire for perfection make us the Best Cocopith Manufacturer in Chennai. We produce and supply over 20000 mt annually. We are a worldwide supplier of Coco pith for the horticultural industry soft fruits, mushrooms, landscape, tree nursery, and retail sector. Our quality substrates are being used in over 20 countries to grow young plants, vegetables, flowers, shrubs, and trees. 


Our state of the art packaging lines allows us to produce Coco pith in bags ranging from 50 liters up to 200 liters. We also offer customers in pallets, bales, and bulk. Being the Best Coco Pith Manufacturers in the Industry, we are sure to meet our customer needs with our wide range of products. 

Wide range of packing, customized quality standards are the key in our long term customer’s association. We are able to offer the customer with competitive price and best transport services. Export logistics are handled with the support of our liners and clearing forwarders. 

Research & Development: 

Innovation is a key value with research and technology new product developments are done. This process is controlled by our R&D (Research and development) with modern in-house laboratories. The production of Coco peat is under the strict control of this department as well. Customers of Easy Coir Pith receive only top quality substrates – a successful foundation of growth. We are in the Process of Selling Coco peat online.